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Enoch Black is a poet, book dragon, and bibliovert. He is the creator of dragon keystone poetry. He is the author of Incubus Tales, a poetry collection, and the founder of the Mythos Poets Society. 

Enoch Black is a mythopoeic poet, storyteller, and author. His writing passion lies first and foremost with mythologies and dragons. While there are a number of red threads that run through his writing, he chose to write his first published poetry collection about his own history of trauma focusing on the sexual aspect of it. Thus, this collection is both dark and sensual. He decided it was vital to step out of the shadows and tell these stories in the light so that others might be able to do the same and by doing so, may learn to accept and love their own darkness.

Gothic Cathedral

"Honestly, I have always written. I wrote poetry in elementary school and would laminate the pages with my own colored pictures. Then I would hole punch them and make them into books. I remember in sixth grade we read the book Flowers for Algernon and our teacher asked us to create an alternate ending to the book. When I got my paper back from the teacher, I received a 100% on it, but he wanted to speak with me after class. When I went to see him, he looked at me very seriously and said, 'you can tell me the truth. Did you have someone write this for you?' He didn't believe that I had written it! I have always been a writer."

—Enoch "Stormy" Black

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