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Adanna Moriarty is a writer, mother, healer, and poet. She is a lover of magic, animals, food, this planet we live on.




Born in 1978 to parents finding their way through the Los Angeles music business, Adanna’s life has constantly been submerged in art. Moving to upstate New York at a young age, she attended a Waldorf/Steiner school on a small, working organic dairy farm. An unconventional education provided a start in her journey of writing and painting. Waldorf education also provided a lifelong acceptance of her creative mind and the depths to which her imagination could take her. With dreams of being a travel journalist and novelist as a child and a vision of filling others’ lives with stories and beauty, Adanna wove her way through many different careers to finally land where she always knew she should be. After a fifteen-year nursing career to a hairstylist, to today, where she works as a literary publicist and web designer, Adanna makes sure her entire world revolves around literature. Adanna writes about life inspired by nature and has a deep desire to make the world a better place, one word at a time. Threadbare is her first book of poetry. She lives with her husband, stepsons, and daughter in the mountains of Idaho. You can learn more on her website here.

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What got you into writing?

"I started writing when I was little. I was a loner kid with a big imagination so I took that into telling stories or singing made-up songs. As I got older, once I learned how to read and write, I would make little books. I had a step-aunt at the time who was an author, and the first 'book' I wrote was an Irish fairytale-type book with fairies and such. Under her guidance and encouragement, it was the first full story I ever wrote. It's always been a passion for me, and one of the only places I excelled at in school."

—Adanna Moriarty

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