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Our Magpie Messenger is the ultimate literary magazine made for indie writers, by indie writers, and made with the works of indie writers. You'll find original poetry and prose, informative articles that help you navigate the world of publishing, and exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming content.

For a low monthly rate, you can get Curious Corvid poetry, prose, merch, and more in your mailbox with our Subscription options.

Are you interested in seeing your work published in a literary magazine? Visit our Submissions Page to learn how you can submit to the Messenger.

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Murder & Unkindness

Curious Corvid Publishing is a community of artists who enjoy the darker side of life. We care about our authors, our partners, and our readers, and we want to bring uncommon delights to everyone who appreciates them.


If you're a little weird, a little dark, and delightfully creative, you'll fit right in with us.

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We offer an extensive store of our original works, but Curious Corvid Published books are just the beginning. We proudly offer a wide variety of genres and formats alongside merchandise related to our authors' work and a collection of accessories to furnish your gothic library.

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Our reputation matters. Our goal is to have a positive impact on everyone we come in contact with and do what we can to help them succeed,, whether we're able to work with them or not, the results of those efforts are evident in our partners' testimonials.

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Curious Corvid Publishing is
It was a delight to work with
My fear in working with publsher
I feel blessed to have found a
Ravven shared creativity and was open

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