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Gothic Fantasy

Sirius is a lover of glory, gore, and monsters.

They are a queer, nonbinary artist living in the hot and bothered South; currently residing in a little spot that has been dubbed ‘Halloweentown’, North Carolina. They are the writer of The Draonir Saga, the first book of which is Uncrowned, and The Gentleman Demon Series, the first book of which is Swallow you Whole.

Sirius began writing at a young age and started exploring the publishing industry when they were thirteen. With many bumps along the way, they have learned a lot and grown in the craft that they would consider their one true love. Queer characters, gothic aesthetics, and royal drama (fantasy of manners) form the foundation of their storytelling.

When they are not writing, they work as a professional drag performer, weaving the characters from their stories into visual art for the stage.

Gothic Cathedral

Why do you write?

"Writing has always been as fundamental to me as breathing. I feel I am always writing, even when I am not at my computer or putting pen to paper. It is how I share the most important parts of myself and how I form relationships and bonds with other people."


David Turton

Anne Marie Wells

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