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Ravven White is the founder and owner of Curious Corvid Publishing.




Ravven White is a queer gothic poet and novelist. She dabbles in mystery and magic and spends most of her nights reading books or scribbling crazed stories from her pen. The founder of Curious Corvid Publishing, Ravven has a special love for the odd and the unusual and is deeply passionate about indie publishing and fair representation.  Ravven lives in a castle by the sea with her husband, daughter, their two hellhounds, and her various familiars. You can usually sense her arrival by a curious flapping of wings.

Gothic Cathedral

Why do you write?

“Writing has always been an important part of my life. It's been both a therapeutic experience and a creative outlet. I write to express my feelings and experiences and hopefully validate others who have felt as I have. I also write because I can and I am often left unsupervised which leads to unhinged and chaotic masterpieces.”

—Ravven White

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