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Poetry, Romanticism

David Grinnell

David Grinnell is a poet, author, literary scholar, and is also an author at Quillkeepers Press.

David Grinnell is a poet, author, and literary scholar from Cleveland, Ohio. He was born 1992 in Norfolk, Virginia, but grew up in the suburb of Bedford. In 2014 he attended Cleveland State University and graduated with his bachelors in English. Grinnell draws inspiration from vulnerability. He reflects and portrays love alongside hope, melancholy, and even occasional despair. Currently, he is finishing up his masters in English at Cleveland State University and emphasizes upon Romanticism and the Gothic. When he isn’t writing, Grinnell is a local musician who performs as the solo artist Dave Grinnell and is in the band Naissance.

Gothic Cathedral

What got you into writing?

"My writing began when I found inspiration from my grandmother, who wrote her own stories. She always wanted to be published someday, but she was never able to before she passed away. I wrote my first poem while at Heskett Middle School and submitted it to their P.T.S.A. Reflections Program in 2006. I won an award of merit, where my English teacher told me, 'if you can write, you can do anything.'


Since then, writing has always been part of my identity. In memory of my grandmother, Margaret Alger, I self-published her collection of short stories called 'The Magic Within Seasons.'"

—David Grinnell

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