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Gothic Poetry

Michael Perret is a poet and translator from Austin, Texas.

"I've had some poems and translations appear in small journals like Azonal (magazine of poetry in translation), The Decadent Review and Wild Musette. In 2021, my translation, from the Louisiana French, of Octavia the Quadroon by Sidonie de La Houssaye was published by Éditions Tintamarre. In 2021, I had several horror genre poems published in the anthology Beautiful Tragedies 2 (HellBound Books) and in The Horror Zine. In 2022, I have a hybrid short story/narrative poem entitled "Monsieur Faustin's Gris-Gris" forthcoming from Darkstroke in their Dark New Orleans anthology."

Gothic Cathedral

Why do you write?

"My writing is a way of participating in the culture that surrounds me and is inside me. Through art, I give those cultural values a new shape and reflect back my attempts at understanding them."

—Michael Perret

Tatiana Corbitt

Byron Griffin

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