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The Chimera

The Chimera

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Smarra, a vampire turned from their intersex human form during the Inquisition, is in NewOrleans to feed under cover of an expected yellow fever epidemic. What they don’t expect is to fall in love with a Voodoo Queen…
The Chimera is a poetic mash-up of vampires, zombies, incest, slavery, voodoo, and Greek mythology, all while taking its cues from Pushkin’s Onegin. The Chimera and Other Dark Poems is a defiantly formal and surprisingly intellectual collection of gothic poetry that explores the patriarchal values that underlie the concept of monstrosity in Western art.

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  • Author

    Michael Perret

  • Themes

    Formalist Poetry, Pushkin Vibes, Gothic, Feminist, Patriarchal Monstrosity

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