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Rey Wicks



Dark Fantasy

Rey Wicks is the author of the Legends of Chaos saga— a fantasy saga of mythology, medieval times, and love set in a mythical world of magic and chaos.

Rey Wicks is a creator of fantasy worlds, writing stories that are not quite like what you have read or seen before. She studied many subjects in college including, theology, psychology, history, surgical technology, and even veterinary medicine. Her favorite subjects include astronomy, medieval history, and the dark ages. Her writing career started out with music, moving onto poetry, and into fiction. Rey is inspired by Viking lore, mythology, traveling to mountainous regions of the world, and winter. Rey enjoys writing queer fantasy fiction and creating deeply whimsical realms that the reader can get lost within. When she isn't writing, she enjoys hiking to anywhere there are waterfalls and thick forests. She lives for adventure, family, and her many pets.

Gothic Cathedral

What got you into writing?

"Like many teens, I was depressed and had severe anxiety that came to light when I was around fifteen. I was a musician since age eleven, so when I needed an outlet for my depression, I started writing music and song lyrics. I presented them to my high school music teacher who told me I had amazing talent. When not writing music, I wrote poetry. My poems were dark and sad and pointed at my life in school, being bullied for being different. I was a goth kid living in a small rural town where all the other kids looked the same and were into the same things.


When I was thirty, I started writing horror fiction. My self-published novel, Saving Anna, was based on a dream I'd had years prior. After that, I wrote nonfiction in the field of psychology. It was a few years later I started on my current fantasy series where I could express my passion for medieval history mixed with my love of getting lost in the fantasy realm."

—Rey Wicks

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