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Dark Fantasy

Rey Wicks is the author of the Legends of Chaos saga— a fantasy saga of mythology, medieval times, and love set in a mythical world of magic and chaos.

“You can create any love story, any world on any planet. Your character can be a boy or a girl or neither! It can be an alien, a cat, or even a tree. It is a way to release all the magic in your head; if you are shy, like me, you can show your personality without speaking. The best part about being a writer is that you can change someone's life completely. You can alter one's mood, and make them smile, laugh, or cry. You can create dreams, inspire vision, and make people fall in love. It is a blank page waiting to be filled by the pure, untouched imagination that is dying to be shared with the world.”

Rey Wicks is a Fantasy/Sci-Fi writer and also a ghostwriter. When she is not planted in her little green office she calls, “the pea”, Rey is running a thriving small business in Oklahoma City. She often travels and has lived in 16 states in the US. Many of her journeys have been the inspiration for the worlds she builds in her books. Rey studied medieval history, psychology, theology, and veterinary science throughout her college years. Today, she can be found lying out on the prairie stargazing or lost in a superhero movie. Rey is a mapmaker that hand draws and digitally creates fantasy world maps for not only her own books, but others as well.

Gothic Cathedral

What got you into writing?

"Like many teens, I was depressed and had severe anxiety that came to light when I was around fifteen. I was a musician since age eleven, so when I needed an outlet for my depression, I started writing music and song lyrics. I presented them to my high school music teacher who told me I had amazing talent. When not writing music, I wrote poetry. My poems were dark and sad and pointed at my life in school, being bullied for being different. I was a goth kid living in a small rural town where all the other kids looked the same and were into the same things.


When I was thirty, I started writing horror fiction. My self-published novel, Saving Anna, was based on a dream I'd had years prior. After that, I wrote nonfiction in the field of psychology. It was a few years later I started on my current fantasy series where I could express my passion for medieval history mixed with my love of getting lost in the fantasy realm."

—Rey Wicks

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