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The Psychic Of Sachsenhausen

The Psychic Of Sachsenhausen

From author David Turton comes a historic fiction novel unlike anything you've read before...


In the present... Richard is a British tourist on holiday in Berlin with his husband when he has yet another psychic episode that draws him to go on a tour of nearby Sachsenhausen concentration camp. A seizure sees his world fade to darkness as his mind falls into another story, in another time.


In the past... Johan is an orphan with dreams of making it big. A powerful, ambitious and confident realist, he is recruited for a challenging and exciting new career in Germany. He heads to Berlin for his new adventure, as a trainee with the Schutzstaffel. The SS, for short.


Garland is a brilliant young ballet dancer whose talent knows no bounds. Inseparable since the early days at the orphanage, he follows best friend and adopted brother Johan to Berlin. A new-found psychic ability sinks its claws into him, showing him terrifying visions that forewarn of great evil.


So begins a tense supernatural tale of love and hate, pride and shame, hope and horror that builds to a harrowing finale in the dark heart of Nazi Germany.

  • Author

    David Turton

  • Themes

    Historical Fiction, Paranormal, Gay Fiction, Concentration Camp Fiction

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