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Black Rain Season

Black Rain Season

Shipping included on all book orders within the U.S.! Every order is exclusive to Curious Corvid packaging and comes with a signed copy, a curious corvid or matching bookmark, a deluxe handwritten thank you note, a personal coupon, and other cool book swag ranging from pins to stickers to trading cards! Each delivery is an experience designed to thank you, our readers, and set the stage for an incredible reading experience!


A deranged serial killer known only as the Hillbilly Hammer comes to Sugar Bends, leaving the small rural town with more questions than answers. Theo Shortridge, a crime-scene clean-up tech, pursues the serial killer with the unlikely help of twelve-year-old clairvoyant, Letty Hardin. As the two begin to close in on the killer, they are forced to rely on both the living…and the dead.

  • Author

    Kayli Scholz

  • Themes

    Horror, Paranormal, LGBTQIA+, Supernatural, Serial Killer, Small Town

  • Size


Expected to ship by the end of September