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Adhara's Sonder

Adhara's Sonder

Finalist for the Next Generation Indie Book Awards in Science Fiction

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Young Adult Science Fiction


In a city isolated from the rest of the world following the third global war, a young inventor is approached by a time-traveling android from the future who tells him it is his destiny to save the city from destruction. As they perform maintenance around the city, preventing catastrophes before they happen, he discovers that his destiny is not at all what he thought it would be-but does he even have a choice?


Adhara's Sonder is a classic tale of fate and destiny vs. personal choice and the consequences presented by both, made fresh and new with a futuristic sci-fi twist. This novel is sure to please any lover of adventure, suspense, and mystery.

  • Author

    Mark Alexander McClish

  • Themes

    Science Fiction, YA, Fate vs Freewill, Time Travel

  • Page Count



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