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Poems To Read In The Rain

Poems To Read In The Rain

"Most poets write for one of two reasons:

Either their heart is broken,

or their heart is overflowing.

For the lucky few, sometimes it's both."


A collection of emotionally captivating poetry, Poems To Read In The Rain is for those looking for resonance while navigating the complexities of life. Touching on themes of love, loss, grief, mental health, and nature, this collection contains works that can appeal to everyone. Jennifer draws on the comfort of nature as she explores her inner struggles, making the woods and sky practically tangible to the reader. Her raw and real depictions of grief and depression remind us of the power of great loves - both the ones present and the ones since passed. Poems To Read In The Rain is the kind of collection that you will return to over and over again for it's relatable narrative and comforting aesthetic.

  • Author

    Jennifer Gordon

  • Themes

    Nature, Love and Relationships, Mental Health

  • Page Count



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