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#1 Amazon Bestseller

“My heart aches with every tender sweet kiss,

The touch of your embrace tugs my heart’s strings

As the blue in your eyes is heaven’s bliss,

My soul now, forever, and ever sings…”


Love, longing, heartache, and loneliness are illuminated in this heartfelt collection from David Edgar Grinnell. Building on themes of budding relationships, misunderstood feelings, and innocent first loves, Moonglade creates a narrative that is relatable to everyone looking for love and companionship. Immerse yourself in a world of gothic romantic poetry that shines a soft light on finding and losing love in the twenty-first century.


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The Antiquarian

  • Author

    David Edgar Grinnell

  • Themes

    Finding and Losing Love, 21st Century Dating, Relationships, Gothic Romance

  • Page Count


  • Size


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