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Magpie Messenger

literary magazine | Regular issues | solstices & equinoxes

The Magpie Messenger by Curious Corvid Publishing is the ultimate literary magazine made for, made by, and made with the works of indie writers. You'll find original poetry and prose from indie authors in your community, informative articles that help you navigate the world of publishing, and exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming content.

While the Magpie originally published a new issue each season, we have since downsized it to once a year. With busy schedules and a fast growing company, we aspire to quality over quantity. Now, each Halloween we release a deluxe, specially themed issue that includes all the things our readers have come to love - prose, poetry, puzzles, recipes, articles, previews and more. You can find all issues of the Magpie here and on Amazon.

Do you represent a business and would like to advertise in the Messenger? We offer half-page, full-page, and full-spread advertisements and would love to combine our community with yours! Email for details.

Magpie Messenger

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