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California Dreamin'

In less than a week, we're packing up all our books, bags, and dreams, and headed to Los Angeles, California to participate in the LA Times Festival of Books. We can hardly believe we will be attending this incredible festival!

The LA Times Festival of Books is in it's 42nd year running - that's amazing! The festival hosts everything from music to poetry readings, panelists to book signings, publishers, authors, art - it's an all encompassing event for creatives. As a small indie press, this is a huge opportunity! We can't wait to show the world all the beautifully diverse books we have both published and have coming later this year!

We're sharing a spot with the Writer's and Publisher's Network, an amazing nonprofit organization that connects people in the writing world. They host workshops, send out huge newsletters, and our own Corvid Adanna produces a podcast where they interview authors, publishers, and everything in between! We are incredibly grateful to WPN for the opportunity to join them! So if you are at the LA Times Festival of Books, come see us in booth #200 April 23rd and 24th! We're flocking excited to be there!

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