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Dipping Toes Back into Society <3

I've been planning my first overnight trips since society hit the snooze button in 2020 and I couldn't be more thrilled. Some might even call it thrillingly annoying. Yes, I'm always that person who shows up at the airport 3 hours early. I need plenty of time to pick out my in-flight magazine, browse all the shops, then waste a bunch of money on things to entertain me while everyone else sleeps soundly. I still have that childish Christmas morning feeling the day of a trip. Eyes pry apart at 3AM and I must rustle everyone else awake to share my excitement.

Anyone else a list person? I don't usually tick off lists as I write my poetry collections, they tend to develop organically. But for a trip, it's like a whole different person climbs out of the relaxed poet's skin and takes charge. Grocery store trips are commandeered by snacks being tipped into the after the other when they will only be stored for a month until said trip will commence. Small bags of items for the trip will accumulate on the floor (because packing a suitcase too soon would be crazy, you see?).

I also pull off the path every time I see something that perks my interest. Could be a store, a restaurant, an ocean view, a dog, a bird walking weird, really anything. So if you are in a hurry, don't come with me. I also can't stand silent car rides, so I always make sure to have road trip playlists (which change depending on the person I'm traveling with and destination). I also write poems as they come to me, even while driving, so it's always best to have a buddy that can grab the steering wheel!

What do you do to prepare for travels? I've taken entire Chinese takeout meals into an airport before. Share your best travel stories below <3



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