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Here's To You

Hello everyone! It is so exciting to have this new feature on our website! Now we can share with you, our dear readers, behind the scenes activity and exclusive content.

Speaking of.

I'd like to share this poem with you from my upcoming collection The Cry of The Ravven which debuts in May. I think this piece encapsulates everything I am trying to say and do with CCP. I hope you enjoy it.

Here's To The Broken People

The world will know you

The way that I know you.

And the world will love you

But only at a fraction

Of how they should love you.

But they will know you

Because I will tell them.

Here’s to you,

My beautifully broken people.

We are all one and the same,

Lives bonded over pain,

Our lives struck by tragedy.

We have learned that pain

Does not discriminate

And we are all at its mercy.

We walk with cloaks of trauma

To shield our battered hearts.

We speak in words of wisdom

That can only be spoken

By a broken heart.

We live our lives in mirrors,

Caught in reflections

From our past.

We fear our future is but an echo –

Happiness fades, and it fades fast.

We have swallowed grief

By the gallons

And smothered out our own voice,

We are told to be afraid

And that we do not have a choice.

We see darkness in the light,

We hear echoes in the song,

You say we have been through hell,

But hell has just begun.

We are estranged from

Things like happiness, security and peace.

You cannot fathom what we’d give up

For a day without anxiety.

Here’s to my broken people,

You are the salt of this earth.

You may not believe it,

But your lives are filled

With purpose and with worth!

You have a power no one else has!

You are a reckoning in the bend!

You are the hope of our generation.

You are. You are!

You are here, my friend.

Do not let the hurt consume you,

Do not let the depression win,

You are strong and powerful –

Look at you! Standing in the end.

And when your burdens

Feel quite heavy

And your hope has fallen

Far below,

Remember we are sisters

And we are brothers,

And we will never be alone!

Here’s to my broken people!

Let me hear you shout out loud!

Do not stand among the shadows,

Own your pain and wear it proud!

Because you are more than

What you came from,

You are more than

What’s been done to you!

You are hope incarnation

Simply are you.

Here’s to the broken people,

Like me, like you, like them.

You will give me a reason to speak up.

I will give you a reason to stand.

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