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Panoramic Book Bundles

Today is the official launch date of Panoramic and I am titillated with excitement. I thought I would talk a little about the inspiration behind my book bundles today!

There are two book bundles of the paperback Panoramic paired with my first collection Daily Worship, released this past January from Laughing Ronin Press. It became a bestseller and was a limited print run. I'm really excited to offer this bundle because there are not tons of overlapping poems so readers will experience two unique and very different collections.

Next, are my Polaroid bundles! There is one spicy...and one not so spicy. The Spice It Up bundle has three naughty Polaroids taken by my daddy paired with a dick lipstick (can I say dick on here?). I definitely wanted to keep these for myself but I was good and they are for sale for you to purchase! The Picture It bundle has two not naughty Polaroids I captured at the beach one day while I was smoking a cigar. In Newport, parking is really expensive during the summer so lots of locals just visit off season which is when these were taken. I seriously considered abandoning my life and taking Polaroids like this full time because I was sure I had found an untapped market. But I would miss writing so I decided to sell them as a bundle and paired with another dick lipstick.

I know dick lipsticks are sold as goofy bachelorette marketing ploys, but I actually LOVE them. There is something so inherently naughty, a secret only you know when you pull it from your purse in the middle of a summer day and apply straight to lip. No one watches you close enough to notice, but putting a dick to your lips in the middle of lunch with friends or during a work just feels so taboo. Which I think is part of the initial lure of BDSM, it's still very stigmatized to many. As a queer person, I'm still unsure how one's "bedroom" preferences affect another. Looking at you Anita Bryant.

I also created a Little bundle for all the littles out there! I know there are many types of littles (I'm maybe a middle, still unsure) but this is a fun way for curious people to dip toes into the life. We couldn't ship a big life-size bear this round, sorry (also if I bought it, I would have kept it...not sorry). The little bundle has a cute notebook, cute bear socks, bear stickers, and an adorable snail keychain. I LOVE bears. I have tons of bear nail charms, lots of bear clothes, a huge stuffed bear, etc etc etc. Bears are so snuggly (not the breathing ones, of course). I also love a good notebook and carry them everywhere. Many littles have stuffies and I have a bear keychain swinging from my purse (the snail is pink too cute to pass up!). I bought all these little gifts at one of my favorite stores so I hope they find a good home.

Rounding out the bundles is the Poetry is for Lovers bundle with Panoramic paired with Incubus Tales by Enoch Black. If you haven't picked up a copy of their book, now is your chance! We didn't talk about sex while I was growing up in my house, but I think it's a healthy part of growing up and learning.

I hope you've enjoyed reading a bit about the bundles. There are signed copies of Panoramic available if you just aren't feeling the bundles, totally ok! It's also available as an e-book for all you e-book fans. An easy way to spend time in the office *wink wink*

Bend but don't break,


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