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Welcome To CCP - the home for....well, you.

We just celebrated our first birthday! It's hard to believe that it's been a year already. So many things have transpired since Curious Corvid received the official statement from Ohio registering us as a business. There was a lot of screaming on that day! (Happy screaming FYI)

We started off as a simple fever dream in a very ambitious poet named Ravven. Ravven was an outcast. She found it hard to make friends, hard to exist, and hard to express herself. At the time, she fondly (somewhat unfondly) referred to herself as a "squishy trauma ball". She tried several different homes - pious religion, country woman, college student, worship leader...but there was never really any room at the table. Not for who she really was.

So Ravven wrote.

Crazed scribbles in the wee hours of the night turned into Instagram posts and then into self published poetry books and then into community. She realized pretty quickly that the reason she didn't fit at any of the previous tables is because hers hadn't been invented yet. And she looked around her and saw others who also had no table. Much like her, no one was listening and not enough people cared in a way that actually mattered.

So Ravven built a table.

At first, Ravven fully expected to sit at the table alone but one by one, birds of a curious feather joined her, filling up the spaces at this brand new table. And Ravven realized, with great happiness, that the table was no longer just hers. It belonged to everyone who passed through, decided to stay, or simply guided others to the open spots.

Curious Corvid was created to be a space for unheard, under represented indie voices. For people who really ought to have a home but haven't quite fit in at other places. Maybe CCP is just a rest stop along your journey and that's perfectly okay - we have some really amazing reading material for your stay.

Sometimes the space we want for ourselves has to be self created. Don't be afraid of your potential.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined.” ~Henry David Thoreau

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