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Jersey Devils

Jersey Devils

Meet Athena Arden, a feisty small town librarian and psychic who runs a paranormal investigation team “the Jersey Shore Paranormal Society “ with her hopelessly nerdy and devoted husband Dennis.

When the JSPS finally decides to take on the mystery of the Garden State’s resident cryptid, the Jersey Devil, Athena leads her team deep into an isolated part of the Pine Barrens where people have recently been found murdered - and soon realizes that she may’ve bitten off more than she can chew this time!

Along the way, Athena will discover the strange truth behind the Jersey Devil and her own family’s hidden history - but will she and her friends live to tell the tale?

  • Author

    R . E. Sohl

  • Themes

    Cryptids, Paranormal Investigations, Women Sleuths, Occult, Dark Adventure, Horror

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