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Swallow You Whole Book Box

Swallow You Whole Book Box

Shipping included on all book orders within the U.S.! Every order is exclusive to Curious Corvid packaging and comes with a signed copy, a curious corvid or matching bookmark, a deluxe handwritten thank you note, a personal coupon, and other cool book swag ranging from pins to stickers to trading cards! Each delivery is an experience designed to thank you, our readers, and set the stage for an incredible reading experience!


With a deluxe release box of Swallow You Whole, you can immerse yourself in this demonic corporate universe. Inside each portal to hell you will recieve:


  • A signed paperback of Swallow You Whole
  • A scented themed candle to summon your own personal demon
  • A signed character letter from Lady themself
  • One confiscated antique from the Dosett home that may range from gloves, hankerchiefs, teacups, mirrors, and other various trinkets
  • A beautiful teaspoon
  • A themed bookmark

...and whatever else the red tape allows to pass through.


Each box is unique and there are a limited number so be sure to sign your contract today!*


*Please be advised that entering into any contracts with a demonic entity will result in bodily harm, loss of liquids, permanent unaliving with a side of eternal nonexistence, and consumption of various body parts including but limited to eyeballs, hands, hearts, and souls. Contracts are binding and will be enforced by any violence necessary. Sign at your own risk.


Expected to ship mid September


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