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The Sentimental Dead - Book 1 in The Sanguine Sorrow Trilogy

The Sentimental Dead - Book 1 in The Sanguine Sorrow Trilogy

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In a world left in ruins and chaos from an apocalyptic war, humans and vampires are forced to coexist in a scattered wasteland. Trust is a rare commodity—and so is blood. In the midst of this is Emile Thorne, a turned vampire who never asked to be. Angry and bitter over the death of his family and a transformation he cannot remember, he, along with his companions and best friend Ash, hunt monsters and rogues in an attempt to bring peace to their dystopian society.


But monsters aren't the only thing that threatens Emile’s vampiric existence. Tumultuous change forces him to reevaluate his life and confront a darkness that lingers in the recesses of his soul. Lost fragments of his past begin to surface as he struggles with the age-old questions: Are we born monsters? Or, do we become them?


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  • Author

    Ravven White

  • Themes

    Vampire, Post Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Adult Coming of Age, Monster

  • Page Count


  • Size


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