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Nil to Zed

Roses are dead

Violets are too

It’s the apocalypse and we are the chosen few

Who get to live long enough

To sing a lullaby to everything around us

As for the last time they close their eyes

And everything finally dies

Will time itself stop?

For what is time without anyone remaining to watch the clock?

No pairs of eyes left

to see if it flies

Or if instead the hours crawl

That same painless emptiness you get when you try to recall

anything from before you were born

Is what awaits us when humanity falls

On this day when of our passing nobody remains to mourn

It might as well be as if nothing ever happened here at all

Don’t think about this for very long

It will make you feel quite small

For this requiem for our world is the saddest of songs

The illusion has been shattered

Nothing we’ve ever done has ever mattered

Except for in the moment

For the present is all we can ever be sure exists

Everything else is the fog of memory, or a possibility that we imagine lies beyond the future’s mists

So make every instant count

Before YOU’RE down for the count

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