When You Were Heroes

When You Were Heroes

I wish I could go back to when I looked at my parents as heroes

My Dad used to call me the Frog Prince and I thought it was true

That he was a kind of King

And my mother the Queen

I literally thought he was Superman

He looked like him, except with a gut

So I thought he’d retired from Superheroing

Gotten over his obsession with Lois Lane

Created a new identity as an insurance salesman

So Lex Luthor would finally leave him the fuck alone

I mean, the dude knew way too much

About the Bizarro World

And every different kind of Kryptonite

But in time you find out

That nobody is really superhuman

But sometimes they do seem close to being a supervillain

It’s called being human

A mere mortal

And it’s almost too impossibly big of a sin

To ever possibly forgive