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Bloodmad - Book 2 of the Bloodmad Duet

Bloodmad - Book 2 of the Bloodmad Duet

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Cursed by blood and trauma, Mina Coffin’s inner demons aren’t letting her get away without a fight. One final sacrament in her blood-soaked cult leads her once again to exile and isolation. On one side is family, true love, and poisoned tradition. On the other, madness, sin, and giving in to her darkest desires. Will an odyssey through torments and triumphs, heartbreak and healing, sharpened knives and sharper teeth, put the final nail in Miss Coffin? Only time and the blood dripping down her throat will tell. Secrets are revealed. Family is betrayed. Fangs are sharpened. And death lurks behind every creaking door.


"Bloodmad is a brilliant sequel to a brilliant debut novel. Kemler conjures up every foreboding threat with expert precision and dredges up the most harrowing of heartbreaks that slice straight through your flesh. If you are in need of emotional catharsis wrapped up in all the lavishly sinister prose of the gothic, look no further for your next read." - Vivien Rainn, author of Solita


"The fangs of Bloodmad are unrelenting. They grip into the flesh of a tragic life where you willingly succumb to the power of Kemler's writing and characters." - Gillian Dowell, author of Paracosm, Found by Forbiddance, and Hello, Dove


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  • Author

    Stephanie Kemler

  • Themes

    Vampires, Cults, Dark Romance, Modern Gothic, Feminist, Blood Rituals, Bi Rep

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