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City Of Thieves - Book 2 in The Legend of Chaos Series

City Of Thieves - Book 2 in The Legend of Chaos Series

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The thrilling continuation of THE LEGION OF FIRE.


The people of Adurak were not kind. They were thieves. Although they had no want for a king, there was one who would stand before them and compel them to follow.


Nothing could stop Sebastian from finding Midrel Istan, the prison and home to a mystic teacher–the only person who could teach Sebastian to control the Dragon’s Curse. Nothing. Not the Kuhar army, not the heartache between him and Cyrus, not even a hurricane. Without a map to this imprisoned sorcerer, Sebastian must travel deep through Adurak to find the secrets to free both himself and his loved ones. What else will Sebastian find waiting for him in..The City of Thieves?


A deep-rooted cursed love turns lethal, and the hostile history between gods and men resurfaces. When evil transpires, a prophecy takes hold, and the Dragon fully breaks free. But he is not alone. An ancient sect of witchcraft rises and the Blackbirds take sides with their true king. Sebastian’s lust to control his power becomes shackled by the will of a king who desires nothing more than to destroy the gods and rule over all.


In this legendary tale, Sebastian will do whatever it takes to stop the world from falling into the hands of a mad king. But first, he will need an army, an order of knights, ships, and his teacher.


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  • Author

    Rey Wicks

  • Themes

    Fantasy Fiction, Sibling Rivalry, Gay Fiction, Norse Mythology