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Crown of Carrion

Crown of Carrion

Shipping included in the U.S.. Each beautifully package comes with a variety of cards, stickers, and bookmarks.


There’s a homestead deep in the mountains called Merkel Valley and werewolves den there. They’re a peaceful clan, focused on hunting game animals and preserving the traditions of Mother Moon from one generation to the next.


But there’s unrest in the pack, and it comes in the form of a rogue wolf named Merrill Sade. Banished long ago from Merkel Valley, Merrill has made his mark in the cities below with tooth and claw. He is a zealot obsessed with stories about an old feral god lost to time, and now commands a ragtag band of cannibals that serve at his heel. Merrill’s thoughts are rabid, and he has no qualms about wetting his fangs with innocent blood.


He seeks the remnants of a powerful relic known as the Crown of Carrion. If found, they open a doorway to a ravenous force that howls across space and time. All that stands against him is his former lover Ivy, and a few brave wolves from Merkel Valley who are willing to take a stand against Merrill’s unrepentant bloodshed.


Will peace prevail in Merkel Valley, or will Merrill and his cannibals feast on this world until nothing is left but gristle and dust?

  • Author

    Jeremy Megargee

  • Themes

    Werewolves, Mysticism, Found Family, Feminism, Gore, Horror

  • Page Count


  • Size


Expected to ship by the end of October

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