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The Lies We Weave

The Lies We Weave

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Planted ambitions. Wounds that never heal. Cycles of generational trauma that keep us from breaking free of our turmoils. Suffused with Gothic undertones, THE LIES WE WEAVE collection of dark poetry and prose is a journey of self discovery that offers a unique perspective of one woman’s path toward healing. Beauty, darkness, pain, and hope can be found along the way so long as we allow ourselves to take those first steps into the unknown.


"Any reader will find companionship in the night in The Lies We Weave and any woman will find sisterhood here, too. Reynolds carries within each page blatant and raw honesty that allures, horrifies, and ultimately animates and brings hope to darkened days.”—Stephanie Kemler, author of BLOODBORN and BLOODMAD


“ unflinching look into the darkness and the stories you tell yourself to survive it…a dark song, a paean to mental health, motherhood, and the beautiful grotesque.”—Jessica Drake-Thomas, author of BURIALS and BAD OMENS


“...breathtakingly beautiful and hauntingly visceral. You cannot read this collection without feeling it move beneath the surface of your skin.”  —Emily Verona, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author

“...both feminist and feminine…Reynolds skillfully carves her words into our flesh—this is all of us, each struggle to be seen and to hide, to reclaim our bodies and also create ourselves anew.”—Laurel Hightower, author of CROSSROADS and BELOW


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    Grace R. Reynolds

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    Motherhood, Womanhood, Generational Trauma, Feminism

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